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Our Story

Transforming the value of Legal Services.


The future of the Law

The Legal Industry was in a pretty dark place when Plexus was founded in 2011.  Only 12% of clients where satisfied by their law firms, and the profession had the highest level of depression of any industry.    

Our founders believed in a better future. Their vision was to ‘Create the Future of The Law’ and they established their mission: To ‘Transform the value of Legal’ for the benefit of our clients, our people and the community.    

Since then Plexus has been at the vanguard of the most significant transformation in the legal industry’s history. Our business model and innovations have been profiled as case studies in business schools globally, and featured by publications including: HBR, The Australian and the ABC.    

We are now the world leader in Legal Automation and Legal Innovation and our services such a Legal GatewayPromotion Wizard Plexus Secondments are loved by over 200 of the world’s leading brands including: General Motors, L'Oréal, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Samsung & Spotify.  

Proudly, Plexus’s Net Promoter Score is 7x the industry average and our rapidly growing team serves our clients from offices in the North America, Europe and Australia.    

Join the revolution.

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What we believe in

Our mission: ‘Transform the Value of Legal Services’ for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the industry. We take this seriously. 

Our vision: To create the future of ‘The Law'

This culture is encoded in our values:

  • Positive intent:  Our thoughts and actions are founded on goodwill and generosity
  • Everyone wins:  We seek positive outcomes for every stakeholder
  • Be an owner:  We own the outcome and act with intelligent autonomy
  • I am my word:  We deliver on our commitments. What we say we do

Our people

This isn’t like your typical Law Firm. Over half of our staff are employed in non-traditional law firm positions such as ‘Solution Architect’, ‘Legal Knowledge Engineer’ and ‘Product Manager’. We utilise Lean, Kaizen, and Agile methodologies for both product development and business improvement. 

Our people are relentlessly curious and hell bent on challenging the status quo. We are client obsessed, understanding that our client’s success is our success. We are unified, supportive, and team focused and as a collective, we wholeheartedly embrace change, as there are no maps for where we are going.

Our people

Working with us

We have an enormous focus on development and learning. We run an internal learning initiative called Plexus University designed to up-skill and drive team development. In addition, all staff are encouraged grow and development through internal and external training and the ever growing Plexus Library. 

We share weekly meals together and engage in a monthly “Happiness Project” which focuses on getting out of the office to build team unity. We have recently redeveloped our Melbourne HQ, providing stand-up desks and state of the art facilities.

Working with us

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