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Legal Gateway: The world's most advanced legal automation

Faster, better and more cost effective legal support delivered through automation and self service.

Legal Gateway, the world’s first legal operating system, is a cloud-based platform that reduces organisational risk by improving access to more comprehensive and scalable legal support. Lawyers, business users and executives alike rely on Legal Gateway to increase productivity, improve visibility and streamline workflows.

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Today's CEOs are trying to keep up with an ever-accelerating competitive landscape, one that demands faster execution, higher productivity, and better risk management. But the problem is contracts - they are the connective tissue of organisations. Where strategy meets execution, contracts become both a bridge and a barrier choking business. And it's only going to get worse. Currently legal functions support less than a third of business needs, yet 92% of General Counsels forecast workloads will continue to increase.

But here's the secret: Throwing more bodies at a broken model doesn't fix it. You need to change the game.

Legal Gateway is the world's first legal operating system. It is the frictionless contracting businesses need to compete in the digital age. It frees lawyers to focus on the thorny strategic stuff while removing the bottleneck to execution. Legal automation apps guide any clients to generate perfectly customised agreements.

But if there is a risk trigger elegant workflows triage work to a lawyer for judgment - but what comes to them is 95% complete. Execution is hyper-charged by a DocuSign integration and everything is searchable in the Gateway's proprietary document management system. Put simply, businesses can get things done faster without missing the smoking gun. Imagine putting your best lawyer on the desktop of every employee in your organisation 24 hours a day to do the work that lawyers prefer to avoid.

Those using Legal Gateway have seven times higher client satisfaction and they're 64% more likely to be first quartile in productivity. It's of no surprise that so many of the world's best brands use the technology. Great technology is inseparable from magic. Legal Gateway is the future of the law.

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