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Scalable pricing for in-house teams

The vast majority of today’s legal technology was built for law firms, priced for law firm margins making it impossible to buy and scale. Not Legal Gateway.


The tools you need to transform your legal function

Legal Gateway's scalable pricing model means teams can implement the platform at a level that is right for them.

Licence fee

Get the tools you need to transform your legal function

  • Unlimited users and agreements
  • Custom workflow management
  • Contract management system
  • Automatic contract reminders
  • Side-by-side document comparison
  • Complete Docusign integration
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Document storage

+ Apps

  • Create contract apps specifically for your business
  • Add new apps in the Operating System as you scale
  • Apps are ‘business friendly’, intuitive and easy to use


We get asked a range of questions everyday... so we thought we'd share some of the most common ones to make your life easier. If you need to know more please get in touch with the team.

What measures do you have in place to keep our data secure?

We ensure our security meets the most stringent security standards. Hosted with AWS (Amazon) entirely on Australian servers. Your data is kept separate from others, is backed up live, and run through regular penetration testing.

How much access do we have to change things ourselves e.g. approval workflows, clauses, decision trees?

One of the big reasons businesses choose Legal Gateway is that there is no need to touch the back end at all. As a SaaS business, we handle all that for you. Need to update a clause? No longer do you need to find and update all 76 precedents with that clause - just tell us, and we change it once in your clause library! Legal Gateway is a tool for lawyers to use, not for them to maintain.

Does the counterparty need to have Legal Gateway?

No. The counterparty receives an email, tailored to your business along with a simple link. They are taken to a simple web interface where they can access, execute, or negotiate the agreement, all without downloading anything or signing up. It's even easier than emailing you back, and all automatically tracked and captured at your end.

We don't do a lot on our paper. What happens with agreements we receive from other parties?

The platform handles the full contract lifecycle, from gathering the facts, through execution, to contract lifecycle management. The beauty though is that you can drop in anywhere in the cycle. Receive an agreement from a third party? Upload it to Legal Gateway and it will create a new workflow, tracking all the info on that agreement, applying your rules to it to decide who needs to review and approve it, and taking it right through execution to the contract management system. The amazing thing? That agreement is still fully searchable, trackable and reportable in the CMS.

Can we pull information in from HRIS/Salesforce?

Yes. Legal Gateway is a modern, Service-as-a-Software platform with open APIs that allow it to communicate with most other modern, cloud based systems simply and easily. This can save incredible time in removing double handling and data entry in your workflows, and ensure your business users can interact with the platform right from their own systems.

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Increase productivity, reduce cost and simplify your legal process all with legal technology built for in-house teams.

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Increase productivity, reduce workloads and simplify your legal processes on a platform built for in-house teams.

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